When we talk about pesticides, we immediately think about the risks to humans and to the environment. It is precisely with this in mind that under the umbrella of the Committee on Drought Control in the Sahel (CILSS), the Member States established a Common Regulation for Pesticide Registration to secure the safe management of pesticides in the Sahel.
Various partners including FAO have supported CILSS in harmonizing regulations for control of pesticides through its Sahelian Pesticide Committee (CSP) which serves as a clearinghouse for all pesticides coming into the Sahel. The Committee assesses registration dossiers submitted by the industry and grants sales permits valid for all its Member States.. At the occasion of the Share Fair, the CSP representative presented the work of the Committee which is composed of at least 2 experts representing each State and a team of independent experts. The main task is to assess the registration dossiers submitted by the pesticide industry. The CSP assess if the pesticide can be accepted to be used in the CILSS area by granting full or provisional registration. The CSP maintains an inventory of pesticides used or commercialized in the CILSS Member States.
The Share Fair participants appreciated the presentation and the discussion which followed focused on aspects of common interest and concern such as the low efficiency of pesticides management in individual states, the implementation of the ECOWAS common pesticides regulation by CILSS , the collaboration between CSP and other regulatory bodies in Africa and around the world. Other key dimensions raised were the importance of communications and broadcasting information regarding registered pesticides coupled with the need for mounting sensitization campaigns for the safe use and disposal of pesticides.